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Your Listeria Stops Here Program Tools:

Your Listeria Prevention Kit-In-A-Box.

The American Frozen Food Institute AFFI works with food manufacturers to control and prevent Listeria monocytogenes (Lm). Intertek Alchemy is the leading expert in engaging frontline workers to work safer, smarter, better. Their wide range of training solutions are built specifically for food manufacturing environments.

AFFI and Alchemy joined forces to create the Listeria Stops Here program. This bilingual, English and Spanish kit-in-a-box combines the scientific subject matter expertise of AFFI with the world-class employee training and engagement talent from Alchemy. The listeria training materials in this program designed to meet the needs to today's workforce with cost effective, highly creative communications materials that will encourage best practices for controlling and preventing listeria in your facilities. Book a demo for an introduction to the materials in the kit - every food manufacturer should have an effective plan in preventing deadly listeria monocytogenes.

Harness the knowledge and behaviors of your employees and prevent Listeria contamination using the Listeria Stops Here awareness program.

The Listeria Stops Here program is designed to provide your employees a hyper awareness of both the environmental risks and product risks that lead to Listeria product contamination. As a comprehensive employee food safety communication toolkit of posters, huddle guides for your supervisors, short topic reminders, and recognition cards, these tools will educate your employees and enhance your food safety culture.  Empower your employees with knowledge and stop Listeria outbreaks!

Choose one of the convenient Listeria Stops Here bundles or choose the new a la carte option and build a program that works for you.

Your first step in protecting your consumers,
your company and your profits from
a deadly Listeria outbreak.

Listeria Stops Here Full Bundle

Full Bundle
$3,999 USD

Over $8,700 value!

Listeria Stops Here Full Bundle

Economy Bundle

$2,499 USD

Over $3,100 value!

Starter Kit

$955 USD

Over $2,000 value!

Custom Kit

Build your
custom program!

 Affordable Bundles...

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