Know your facts about Listeria

Listeria is everywhere. When it contaminates food or water, it becomes Listeriosis, a potentially deadly illness that affects thousands of people a year and has a high fatality rate when contracted. The Listeria Stops Here kit arms you with essential tips and information to protect your business, and most importantly, your customers. Know the signs, symptoms and effect of Listeriosis.

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In 2008 an outbreak of listeriosis in Canada resulted in 56 cases and 21 deaths. The source was traced to sliced deli meats from one plant belonging to Maple Leaf Foods. The company had a good food safety record and routinely met all the regulatory requirements and addressed any problems highlighted by inspectors. An investigation concluded that the most probable cause of the outbreak was commercial meat slicers. It was found that the meat slicers had meat residue deep inside the slicing mechanisms, which provided a breeding ground for Listeria. Routine cleaning could not eradicate the organism and complete dismantling of the equipment required the plant to be shut down for 2 to 3 days.