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About Listeria Stops Here.

What is Listeria?

Listeria is the name of a bacteria that can cause a deadly infection (Listeriosis) when it contaminates food like kale, melons, deli meats, and unpasteurized dairy products. While contracting a Listeriosis infection is not high, the mortality rate is very high, with 20-30% of cases being fatal. Listeria is in the headlines frequently due to the impact it has, not only on those infected but on the business Listeria has contaminated. It means something went very wrong, somewhere in your processing.

What can the Listeria Stops Here kit do for you?

The best defense against exposing your business to Listeria contamination is information. The Listeria Stops Here kit is designed to reach every touchpoint of your business where the chances of the bacteria spreading are likely. The tools are essential guides for your employees that will reduce the chance of your business risking its brand, its profits, and more importantly, people’s lives.

Do you need this kit?

If any part of your business sells, manufactures, or serves food, you could be unknowingly harboring a very dangerous bacterium in your facility. Listeria is in the news frequently because of the huge impact it has both on people’s lives and on businesses. You will often hear about salads, vegetables like kale, fruits, deli meats, hummus, and dairy products being recalled because of possible Listeria contamination. Not only does it prove to be possibly fatal for anyone who ingests it, but it also costs thousands and thousands of dollars to complete a recall and rebuild trust in your brand. This Listeria Kit is specifically designed to head off any potential outbreak in your facility by arming employees with the right tools and information. By providing your team with essential steps in keeping Listeria out of your facility, you are not only protecting your brand, but you are also saving lives. Don’t be a statistic: prepare your workforce with the right information today.

Listeria Training Tools Includes...

Items not to scale


Monthly Posters

18” x 27” double-sided with Listeria messaging in English on one side and Spanish (US) on the reverse. This guide introduces the program to your workplace.


Playbook Binder

1-inch binder, English only. Includes a custom cover, binder tabs, and resources for the safety leader at your facility to run a successful Listeria training program for a full year.


Digital Signage

Designed with motion graphics, digital signage spots reinforce the monthly Listeria message.


Huddle Guides

These large format flip charts provide supervisors with weekly Listeria training scripts to read out to their shifts. Simple colorful graphics seen by employees emphasize the monthly message.


Need to Knows

Monthly topic-specific information and knowledge testing for each employee. Used to emphasize the importance of Listeria controls and can be a method of incentivizing program participation.


Recognition Cards

Used to recognize and reward positive behavior, these cards are filled out and given to employees who demonstrate correct action at work.

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